Earthborne… (revisited)

She sleeps
Thousands of miles below
My feet
When I am still
I feel her heartbeat
Rising up through the ancient ground
She holds my feet to terra firma
She watches me with eyes the color of home
Her voice echoes in the vast granite halls of my heart
She whispers, “Shhh..You are not an angel, Love….nor are you damned…you can not fly”
Her mind is a relic, powerful and beautiful
Engraved in a primordial language
I spoke it once
But I was traveling in the great yawning dark between the stars
And She was a pinpoint of light, lifetimes in my past

the straps between the plates of my armor

She offers me protection here, between the soaring walls of the mountains
Wrinkles in Her blanket
Gravity…..Sanity……Solace and a marrow-deep longing for an audience with Her
To throw myself on Her mercy
Give up my accomplices
I want my heart in Her strong hands
To feel her holding it against Her
I am madly in love with Her
I don’t want to be free of Her
But if I take a knee
Reaffirm my oath to Her
Perhaps She will let me remember free fall
…… if only in my dreams