Last Stand…


This battle rages
back and forth
night after day
Each time She retreats
to this place
Beneath Japanese Magnolia
and Crepe Myrtle
Where a defensive line
can be formed
The Engetsu
The crescent moon
a respite
a solace from his questions
from his gentle advancing
on her territory
away from the world’s expectations
of what they should be
What configuration of this relationship
is appropriate to send out
into the light of day
a place
to process memories
into safe havens
To sort through the parts
of him
She wants to keep
Images of his eyes
The smell of his clothes
The feel of his fingers in her hair
His voice
Each dropped vowel
Each over pronounced consonant
Pieces of him stored away
In dark alcoves
His fingers on a guitar
Caressing the strings of her morality
How long had she held this crossing
Between her heart and his?
How could she tell him she never
Intends to surrender?
She’ll hold to the last
Stand defiant
Jaw set firm
and illuminated
In the glowing embers of this bridge
If necessary